Hunyadi János Bitterquelle, Ferdinand Meyer V.
Hunyadi János Bitterquelle, Ferdinand Meyer V.

Hunyadi János Bitterquelle

As noted in the initial letters he wrote to his wife, Mozoomdar drank Hunyadi János in order to stave off seasickness during his initial entry into the Bay of Bengal. He abandoned the Hungarian spring water shortly thereafter–rather than the sea, it was Hunyadi János which took a toll on his stomach. Yet some credit may be due to the aperient water, for Mozoomdar never once thereafter complained of seasickness during his travels; to the contrary, after successive nights of ocean storms, he boasted that–to the astonishment of his European shipmates–he had not suffered even one hour of mal de mer.1

Though far from the only medicine PCM used to keep himself healthy en route to Chicago, Hunyadi János is an excellent material example of PCM’s anxiety regarding his physical wellbeing. As described by its manufacturing firm, Hunyadi János Bitterquelle was an aperient spring water effective in treating a range of discomforts spanning constipation, dyspepsia, hemorrhoids, fever, gout, and rheumatism.2



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