The Suez Canal

On the Suez Canal, 1894,
On the Suez Canal, 1894, Public domain image, by William Henry Jackson.

At the height of his suffering Mozoomdar scribbled, “it’s too hot to write any more. I will just close my eyes for some time.” Note: 24Ibid, 22. By the end of his five days on the Red Sea, PCM was covered in heat rashes and found it difficult to breathe.Note: 25Ibid. In the delirium of his condition, Mozoomdar mistook Port Suez for Port Said and posted letters to Saudamini that he later apologized would likely arrive a full week later than planned. Fortunately, the worst of his journey was over. Immediately upon entering the Mediterranean, PCM wrote to his wife of relief: “All storms have subsided. All the heat is gone, too. All fears have been erased from my mind. The peaceful waters of Europe are making the wind cool and pleasant.” Note: 26Ibid, 25.

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