Landing Stage. Liverpool, 1903,
Landing Stage. Liverpool, 1903, Public domain image.

Amid his public engagements, Mozoomdar only managed to compose three letters to Saudamini in London. His writing reflects how he spent his moments of respite. Whether catching up with the Spears’ at Arundel house, sitting amid the fruit trees of their garden, or chatting with B.B. Nagarkar, a Brahmo friend who would travel with him to Chicago, PCM had occasions to relax in good company. Yet his letters suggest that he was plagued with uncertainties during his brief moments of rest. Shaken by the discovery of a friend’s death in India, he wrote, “How can I be assured of anything after this?” Note: 44Mozoomdar, Letters, 38. Likely in an effort to shore up uncertainties regarding his own health, Mozoomdar redoubled his authoritative tone to Saudamini, demanding that she pray for him every day, finish her work, and prepare herself for heaven.Note: 45Ibid. Similarly, in a letter written the evening before his departure for the Liverpool Harbor, PCM assured Saudamini – and himself – that: “I am well. People in England told me that my features haven’t changed at all in these ten years. I don’t find that believable in the slightest, but so many people said this that it would have made you happy.” Note: 46Ibid, 39-40. Having thus attempted to comfort himself and his wife, Mozoomdar boarded the RMS Umbria bound for New York on 26 August.

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